U.S. House approves Ukraine aid
U.S. House of Representatives preparing to vote on Ukraine aid
Ukraine has three sources of financial support - Zelensky
ვოლოდიმირ ზელენსკიმ აშშ-ის წარმომადგენელთა პალატას უკრაინისთვის დახმარების გამოყოფის გადაწყვეტილებისთვის მადლობა გადაუხადა
აშშ-ის წარმომადგენელთა პალატამ უკრაინისთვის 61 მილიარდი დოლარის დახმარების პაკეტის გადაცემას მხარი დაუჭირა
აშშ-ის წარმომადგენელთა პალატამ რუსული გაყინული აქტივების უკრაინის სასარგებლოდ კონფისკაციას მხარი დაუჭირა
რუსეთი დრონების იერიშს რვა ოლქში იგერიებდა
War update: 102 combat clashes in Ukraine on Friday

Explaining complex things in simple words: Threat of new Russian offensive, Russian orthodox church declares 'sacred war', postponing elections of Ukraine's president

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The Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security pursues efforts to provide a brief explanation to foreign audiences on the current topics of particular interest as regards Ukraine. 


In an interview with CBS News, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that Russia may be preparing for a new offensive in late May or June.

  • The enemy's intentions are closely monitored and its capabilities analyzed. Russia will not be able to hide its plans.
  • The situation in the east has stabilized. It's better than it was 2–3 months ago.
  • Russia currently has a significant advantage in the number of weapons, ammunition, and personnel. This is why there is a threat of new attempts to break through the Ukrainian front.
  • Ukraine informs its partners about the degree of the threat and current needs for weapons, military equipment, and ammunition. The assistance of allies, and especially the United States, is critical to deterring the Russians.
  • Putin does not plan to stop at conquering Ukraine. Russian aggression could spread to other countries, including NATO members. To prevent this, Russia needs to be stopped here in Ukraine.


On March 27, the congress of the World Russian People's Council (WRPC) approved the “order” titled “Present and Future of the Russian World.”

  • The WRPC is a pocket organization of the Moscow Patriarchate. Its position is the de facto position of the ROC.
  • The Russian Orthodox Church in the Russian Federation is related to the state. The Moscow Patriarchate serves the ideological needs of the Putin regime without regard to Christian morality and church canons.
  • In the “order” of the WRPC, Russian aggression against Ukraine is declared “a sacred war in which Russia and its people,” “defending the united spiritual space of Holy Russia,” are carrying out the mission of “the forces protecting the world from the onslaught of globalism and satanism of the West.” This picture of the world is far from reality and indicates the complete inadequacy of the authors of the text and members of the WRPC.
  • The “order” denies the existence of the Ukrainian people and denies them the right to statehood, justifies the genocidal practices of Russian invaders in Ukraine.
  • The ROC proclaims that the “Russian world” is much wider than the state borders of both the Russian Federation and the so-called “great historical Russia.” This is an undisguised declaration of scaling the aggression.
  • The Putin regime plunges Russians into pseudo-religious fanaticism and sectarianism, similar to what happens in Iran or among jihadist terrorist organizations. 


March 31 is the time for the next presidential election in Ukraine.

  • In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, elections that fall on martial law are postponed until its termination.
  • The powers of the President and the Parliament of Ukraine are officially extended until the time of new elections and procedures for the transfer of power to the newly elected.
  • Martial law is not a whim, but an objective reality associated with full- scale Russian aggression, temporary occupation of a quarter of Ukraine's territory, and a military threat to all its citizens.
  • It is incorrect to compare the Ukrainian elections with the Russian pseudo-electoral farce, which has nothing to do with the expression of will and democracy.
  • In the current conditions, it is physically impossible to ensure election security and voter representation. Therefore, the current legislation corresponds to the objective realities of the war.

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