U.S. House approves Ukraine aid
U.S. House of Representatives preparing to vote on Ukraine aid
Ukraine has three sources of financial support - Zelensky
ვოლოდიმირ ზელენსკიმ აშშ-ის წარმომადგენელთა პალატას უკრაინისთვის დახმარების გამოყოფის გადაწყვეტილებისთვის მადლობა გადაუხადა
აშშ-ის წარმომადგენელთა პალატამ უკრაინისთვის 61 მილიარდი დოლარის დახმარების პაკეტის გადაცემას მხარი დაუჭირა
აშშ-ის წარმომადგენელთა პალატამ რუსული გაყინული აქტივების უკრაინის სასარგებლოდ კონფისკაციას მხარი დაუჭირა
რუსეთი დრონების იერიშს რვა ოლქში იგერიებდა
War update: 102 combat clashes in Ukraine on Friday

Drones will be one of decisive factors in this war – Zelensky

04.02.2024 | 09:35 ნახვები: 173

President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that Ukraine's defense industry must produce precisely what the war requires in the necessary amount.  

He said this in his video address, according to an Ukrinform correspondent.

According to him, that was a rather long and thorough discussion with the military and government officials about drones, all their necessary types – from FPV to Ukrainian combat drones, which are showing remarkable results in destroying Russia's military potential in the rear.

“Today we talked about the nuances of production, support and financing, contracts, and the necessary flexibility in setting priorities. Our defense industry must produce precisely what the war requires in the necessary amount and as timely as needed. Obviously, drones will be one of the decisive factors for victory in this war, and it should be a Ukrainian factor, Ukrainian drones, Ukrainian victory,” he said.

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According to him, today's meeting also focused on electronic warfare systems.

“We now have a significant number of Ukrainian products, and we have a great determination of our manufacturers to strengthen our defense with electronic warfare. We are providing the state resources to the maximum extent necessary and are working on comprehensive solutions. Solutions that will provide the necessary cover for the entire front,” he said.

He said that everyone in the government of Ukraine, everyone in the Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine who is responsible for the drone program, knows their tasks clearly.

“Time and efficiency in fulfilling the tasks will be crucial. And I commend everyone who works one hundred percent efficiently in this area,” the President said.

Photo: President's Office

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