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Expert: NATO should approve Poland's downing of missiles over Ukraine at political level

07.10.2024 | 10:43 ნახვები: 179

The North Atlantic Alliance should agree at the political level on the possibility of shooting down Russian missiles over the territory of Ukraine by Polish air defense forces.

This opinion was expressed in an interview with Ukrinform by a military expert, former commander of the missile and artillery forces of the Polish Army Jarosław Kraszewski.

"This is a complex topic. Poland is a member of NATO. First, this must be agreed at the political level in the North Atlantic Alliance, so that Kremlin propaganda does not promote a narrative like "Poland caused World War III with its irresponsible actions," Kraszewski said. 

He admitted that at the strategic-political level, NATO is currently "not decisive on this issue."

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 At the same time, the expert expressed the opinion that Putin is intimidating the world, in particular with allegations that increased assistance to Ukraine would be a reason for an armed conflict with the West.

"I personally don't believe it. If Putin's strategists have not figured out for 10 years and, I suspect, will not figure out how to defeat Ukraine, then how will their army, severely weakened by the war in Ukraine, now attack the West? What is it supposed to attack the West with - very outdated tactical nuclear weapons, which it is not known at all whether it will fly? This is absurd," the former commander of the missile forces and artillery of the Ground Forces of the Polish Armed Forces stressed. 

As reported, during a joint press conference with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Poland Donald Tusk said that the issue of shooting down Russian missiles by the air defense forces of NATO countries requires coordination between the allies.

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